Purchasing Process

How to Import from China

  You may be able to find a new business opportunity or profit growth by directly importing products from China. It can be complicated, but it can pay off in both immediate profit and long-term success. The process is becoming easier and easier thanks to the trend of globalization and advances in international trade technology.

    Find the products you’re interested in and mark it.
When you open our web and see it, when you find some interested products ,mark it and clear all the infomation that you want including picture,size,quanlity,color,as details as possible, because it will easier for us to give you the best accurate price.


Find the contact way email or MSN by”contact us”item to establish a relationship and send your inquiry with product infomation to us, our professional term will work for you in time.

Discuss and complete details of products together,and negotiate to get a the best price and production time,about the price,under the same conditions,you will get the best price and serve from LIDA.once you have a start,you will know this.

Understand and confirm the shippment terms and payment terms.

 commonly used shippingment terms:FOB OR CIF(Next post will have a detailed introduction).

 Payment terms: Somewhat common is to pay 30% at time of order, and the remaining 70% when the product ships. The down payment gives the manufacturer/supplier funds necessary to begin production. These terms are negotiable.


Understand the requirement from Custom.

Below questions, you can get a good reply from your forwarder and broker.

As the Importer of record, you (not the supplier) are legally responsible for making sure that goods brought into the country meet all national regulatory requirements. Goods that don’t meet requirements can be stopped at the border or can result in future legal suits.  Do your homework on compliance issues and make sure you know requirements are being met. You need to understand the relevant import compliance regulations beforehand. Besides US Customs and Border Protection, other government authorities like USDA, FDA, DOT, and ATF also regulate the importation. Pay particular attention when you import textile products from china. Go to the websites of these agencies to understand, register or download the forms. Compliance issues can be very complicated for some products. It is highly recommended to consult a good customs house broker before placing any order.

Worth being happy is that our xmas kids, almost every custom will welcome and as a professional exporter, we also aways note these rulers from different countries.


Select a forwarder and customs house broker.

Go to your local international trade organization/association and customs office to find the list. Visit them, and select the one you like. For the first time importer, use more individualized services, because you need more attention than you would expect. You may ask your local customs bureau for help on assessing custom duties amount for your products, or use online services such as AsiaCalculator


Place a trial order with a written purchase order if everything goes well.

In the purchase order, besides we will type out a detailed description of the products, product requirements, packaging requirements, etc., and trade terms, list all needed shipping documents.


Appoint an inspection company to check your goods on site in the factory, and give you a detailed report if you feel it is necessary. surely, you also inspect them by the detailed and clear photo of product that we sent, this will be a flexible, whatever, we will cooperate any time as long as you need.


Track the transportation and customs clearance.

Your forwarder and customs broker should take care of your transportation and customs clearance. However, you also need to track the process and assistance, such as providing additional products information and endorsing bill of landing. You need to issue a power of attorney to your broker and purchase customs bond for your importation.

Receive the products and keep the records. Now you can go to your next step to sell your products and make profit.

Ok, now, congratulations! You had knew the progress how to import good production from China,

 What are still you waiting for? Please send mail to me for you interested products quotation immediately; if no special requirements for details, you will receive our offer within 24hours.  Email: sales@christmasmarine.com