plastic GIo-Bird lights

real Cheerful plastic GIo-Bird lights came in a set of four and were
istically molded of hard-to-break plastic in green, yellow, blue, and
red. The bulbs inside came with a metal base protruding. These were
interchangeable with standard miniature (series-type) bulbs. A set of four
sold for 97 cents in 1948 and did not include the cords and sockets.
Garrison Wagner, a wholesaler for florists and gift shops, advertised
both hand-operated and automatic color wheel floodlights for display
purposes. While the hand-operated model came with a four-color wheel,
the automatic model contained six assorted colors of the finest gelatine.
They were available in 1,000 watt and 400 watt sizes. Most certainly, these
early models were the forerunners of what Americans were to use in the
next decade to light the ever.revolurionaty aluminum trees.

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