Peerless bubble light from

Peerless bubble light from

1949-1955. $20-25 each.

NOMA Tulips (1948-1960) on either side of a Paramount Tulip (1951-I972) in

the middle. $30-35 each.

      “Shooting Star” bubbling lights, produced in 1947 to I948 by Peer-

less, are some of the most sought after today by collectors. The tubes

contained two different liquids. The bubbles rose rapidly through a thin

liquid, then fell slowly through the thicker liquid at the bottom. Many

feel the effect is similar to that of fireworks. These rare lights can be

identified by the two distinct liquids in the tube, similar in appearance

to water and oil.

Box of origina11947 Peerless Shooting Star bubble lights in the original box.

$350-400 for set. $75 for each bulb.

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