Painted glass christmas ball ornaments

Painted glass christmas ball ornaments

      Hand painted inside of glass,this art form  Originated in China before thousands of years.then, they painted something inside  glass baubles such as glass cans. today, product is popular process and was introducted  to the American.A special brush handmade ,according to the artist.

Glass-blowing is  high grade glass process,this is special treat from ghost artist.used comfortable ink,paintings,  water colors  and so on.the whole paintings begin from the front and finished in  background.

The art starts by our hand to make subjects into outline,And brush fine from  here.quietly painting inside of glass bauble to in short publish here, this exciting  thing is very difficult art to painted inside of glass.

The starting step carefully to paint,Very fine.other land,some color are leader  plants,finally, color is planted, each color picked especially and second color can be  coverd,colors are painted a ground and a ground,for more lining  to shinning to all  word needs some hours even some days to complete. each  product art or craft inside by  the hand painted is uniquely,each product is packed in to beautiful velvet box.Special  process, perfact outlook, it is perfect for gifts giving, after all, true beauty from  here!


  • Hand painted christmas ornaments are very popular these years.

  • Hand painted portrait baubles are best gifts for Party,Wedding,Meeting and so on.

  • With scenic background ornaments customised by famous scenic spot bring a lot of magic memories to tourists.

  • Hand painted LOGO ornaments mainly by Many companies,best high glass gifts and ad way.

  • The traditional handpainted ornaments hadn’t met clients’ requirments,so we also developed some novel candlestick,bottle stopper 2014.the biggest charm of this product is that our technicist could handpainted any design from you, that is to say, pattern,style and so on all could be custimed, such as teardrop style,egg style,bell style, peg-top style,heart style and so on.

  • Below are some popular packing boxes of these hand painted product for your reference

  • Our showroom is in SHENZHEN, welcome to visit if you come to China any time.

  • We have 100 technician with more than 15 years handpainted experience,200 technician with more than 10 years handpainted addition ,we still have individual painters work together.

  • Below is some price just with popular velvet box,but just as for your reference. because the price will be decided by three parts:The first : design pattern’s degree of multifarious The second:production size The third:pack box

  • Some comments from our clients.

  • As the Alibaba’s pay suppliers with 5years, and more xmas ornaments for your choice, you just click the below ALIBABA to view our production.

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