lamp sets were introduced in 1945

Fluorescent lamp sets were introduced in 1945; unlit, they appear

to be plain white balls with a black-skirted base. But when lit, they come

alive in soft glowing colors of yellow, green, blue, coral red, and orchid

(purple); the colors being marked on the base. They are 120 volt, can-

delabra based sets. However, the bulb is of the size and shape known as

“G- 16″ which means it is globular and two-inches in diameter. Sylvania,

Royal, and Miller companies sold them in sets of seven bulbs; replace,

ment bulbs were sold in boxes of ten. Another brand label was the “Polly

Xmas Tree Set” in a long rectangular-shaped box. A set of seven “Royal

Fluorescent” bulbs, boxed, sold for $6.85. Colors included blue, coral,

green, and yellow.

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