Christmas decorations wholesale

Another popular choice in the early part of this decade was the
electric star, measuring 2-inches in diameter, colored in tones of red, blue,
green, amber, and crystal, and made of translucent plastic. Produced in the
USA by The Matchless Electric Company, each light was equipped with
a 15-volt bulb. These were the new counterpart to “Wonder-Stars,” being
more expensive to manufacture, employing plastic, but so much easier to
market due to their durability (no more glass points to crack and chip; the
plastic resisted breakage when dropped).
As early as 1940, wholesalers and retailers were advertising new
sets for indoor tree lighting in which every socket was individually wired.
When one light went out, the rest stayed lit. For the additional price of
about fifty cents, consumers now could avoid the dreaded search for “dead”
bulbs on their trees.

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