Changes in Christmas

This decade, more than any other decade of the twentieth century; changed America’s Christmas decorate

rating customs and themes. The war years were ones of mixed emotions, but when it came to Christmas there

were scant few who felt this holiday should not be decorated. In fact, adults attempted to create that “perfect”

Christmas for the children so that the war’s negative effects would not take hold of our children. Most certainly,

the war created a shortage of materials necessary for Christmas ornament and light manu faacturing. But, we were

industrious and found our ways around this by reverting to creating many of our decorations from scraps in our

homes and did witd uch less when it came to electric lighting for our trees and homes. Tin cans, string, and

magazine pictures were regularly recycled as tree ornaments. Americans went back to the home-crafted look

of past decades in an attempt to create ornaments when commercial ones were scarce due to the war effort.

All-in-an, everyone seemed to agree that the tradition of Christmas needed to be maintained for both the youth

and for those who needed something to cling to in a time of true uncertainty,.

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