“Bubblelite” Christmas lighting

Henri Sadacca displayed great foresight in scouting for new products
near the end of the war. “Bubblelite” Christmas lighting was one of those
products which profited greatly. Demand for the Christmas of 1946 was
so great that Noma was only able to deliver 20% of its orders for lights
and ornaments, and only 30% of its orders for toys!
Consumer’s Research Bulletin, in December 1947, evaluated the electric
lights available for sale that year. They bemoaned the fact that the lights
made in China and Japan were of poor quality and short life–and priced
quite high at 20 to 25 cents each. Given an “A” Recommended rating were
Miller Outdoor-Indoor No. 100 and Noma 15-Light Decorative Outfit No.
3415. Given the “B” Intermediate rating were Amico, No. A; Amico, No.
70i ; Clemco, No. 505; Gem, Glolite No. 186C; Good-lite No. 40; Goodlite,
Montgomery Ward’s Catalog. No. 48-150; Noma No. 110; Park No. 707;
Paramount No. 1301K; Reliance, St. Nick No. 68; Sterling No. 11000K;
Timco No. 101; and Reliance No. 117. Given a “C” Not Recommended
rating was Royal No. 102KA. This set was rated such as tinsel could make
electrical contact with socket shells and the wire insulation easily loosened
to expose bare wire at the sockets in sets examined.

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