bubble light

The bubble light idea began with Carl Otis. He filed a patent on No-

vember 27, 1935, for Bubbling Display Signs. These signs were designed

to spell out a word or to identify” a symbol. He later took out a patent in

1939 for bubble lights as collectors know them today.

      It would seem most unusual that a product granted a patent in 1939

would not be put onto the market until 1945, since the granted date was

two years before the United

States entered the war. In

situations where products

were being put into produc-

tion while waiting on a pat-

ent to be granted, it is simply

marked “Patent Applied

For.” Then that information

is substituted for the actual

patent number once it has

been obtained.

Early set of NOMA bubble lights from 1947, but not with the original string. Original boxed

set, $90-100. Single lights, $6-8 each.

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