1936Christmas trees lights

May & Scofield, a manufacturing company in Howell, Michigan,

was responsible for the alligator-type clips which helped keep the bubble

lights upright. In 1936, they had developed a clip to hold electric lights

in place on Christmas trees. In 1945, recovering from war-time economic

struggles, they began working with Noma Lites Corporation and produced

over 100 million of these clips for NOMA, as many as May & Scofield

could produce.

      In all, approximately thirty plus different styles and brands of bubble

lights were manufactured. The word “Lite” was used by NOMA: Glo-

Lite (a “generic” brand of NOMA), Reliance, and Renown. “Light” was

issued by Paramount: Sterling (a “generic” brand of Paramount), Holly,

and Grant. In 1947, 25,000,000 Bubble Lites were made and sold. Due

to their success, the retail price dropped from an original $4.95 to $2.40

a set. In 1948, 40,000,000 Bubble Lites were sold, according to S. L.

Marshall, assistant to the executive vice president of Noma.

Assortment of NOMA biscuit bubble lights from 1946-1962. $6-8 each.

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