1900.Christmas decorations


      For anyone living before World war II, Gernran; was the principal

supplier of all Christmas tree ornaments for the United States. Germany

had enjoyed a rich heritage, originating back to the early 1820s when the

first glass ornaments were produced in Lauscha in the Thuringian area

of Germany: Gradually, by the 1880s, .Germany had developed the skill

of blowing thin glass figural ornaments, the likes of which garnered the

attention of nearly every American when they sought new decorations for

their tree. These are the decorations that grandmothers and grandfathers

all over the United States once hung on their trees.

      World War I brought a brief interruption to this rich history of glass

production. Immediately After the war, Americans once again returned to

Germany for their glass ornaments. Other European countries, inchuding

Poland and Czechoslovakia, also produced ornaments. There is no doubt

that the period between World War I and World War ii was the “Golden

Age of Glass Ornaments” as thousands of different figural ornaments in

multitudes of difterent styles graced our trees, in order to gain perspectiv e

of what preceded World War lI in terms of decorating customs, a quick

and concise listing of the different decades is provided.

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