1890.1899Christmas decorations


      During the Victorian period of the Late 1800s, lavishly decorated

trees were the order of the day. Tabletop trees were now replaced with

huge floor-to-ceiling trees in homes with high ceilings. These full-length

trees were decorated with huge quantities of ornaments made from many

materials: glass, wax, paper, wood, cardboard, and even metal The more

the Victorians could place on their tree, the better it was. Glass figurals

continued in popularity,with birds, pinecones, St. Nicholas figures, and

other comic figures of the day being produced from glass, Those heavily

wire-wrapped ornaments also continued in popularity, especially at the

height of the Victorian period. Wax angels, cardboard Dresden ornaments

(often candy containers as evidenced on this tree), and even small wooden

ornaments were used to decorate trees. Also, it should be noted that the

placement of the tinsel roping on the tree was somewhat hapha.ard. Our

Victorian homes reflected this extravagant decorating technique: the

more, the better! Note that E-shaped candle holders, patented in che

United States, allowed us to more “safely’” place lit candles on our trees.

Natural greens, dried flowers, paper roping, tinsel sprays, and even plates

with Christmas tbelnes were employed.

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