1870-1879Christmas decorations

      Lavishly decorated tabletop trees were the order of the day~: However,

Maw of the decorations were home-crafted. As early as the mid-1870s,

People complained that Christmas was becoming too commercial and

we needed to return to creating our own ornaments, Therefore, note

the verity of home-crafted paper decorations and cornucopias on this

Period tree. Most of these were home-crafted by women and children

based upon directions found in various magazines of the daay. Grape-

shaped kugels made their appearance in this decade, along with other

vety rare fruit shapes. But these heavy’ ornaments were soon to be re-

placed with lighter-weight ornaments. In the early 1870s, Germans had

perfected the art of blowing thin glass figura[ ornaments. Some of these

ear[y examples are found on this tree. Very simple in nature, these glass

creations were their first attempt in developing the art of glass blowing,

Counterweighted candleholders with tin and lead alloy balances cre-

ated by the to;, makers of Nuremberg, Germany, appealed to those who

wished to have some decorations with their candles. We also decorated

our homes with crepe paper roping, paper decorations, and lots of natural

greens arid materials.

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